Once I had written the outline plot for VISION on that Sunday morning of 26th November, 2006, I didn’t touch the work for over two weeks, but allowed it to ferment within me.

Then, in early December, I began to type up the flow of words that had been coming up, describing the Journey of the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

December 2006
I printed out the text and played with it, forming it into capitals and upper and lower case for emphasis.

"I had written the outline plot for VISION..."

I then began to scribble out the story in little boxes on paper, each box representing a page of the book. I could work it up more quickly doing this than keep rearranging the text on screen.

Next, I began to type up the words from the little boxes on paper and print them out, cut them into small squares and construct a rough mock-up of some of those early chapters.

This is how the book took on its square appearance from the beginning.


Even though I had been creating the mock-up pages as a matter of simplicity, later, Christian, the designer, seemed to adopt the format without questioning it, as if he was being guided.

Within about a week of frenzied activity of paper, scissors and glue, the work had formed itself into a number of small booklets.

These were stapled together with squares of text pasted into them.

I knew that it was far from finished, but it had reached a stage where I felt it had truly been born and was forming itself into something that made sense.

"The capstone seemed to be illuminated with an unearthly and brilliant light..."

About a week later, on 28th December, we had a gathering of a few friends at the house. One particular person, Chris, asked me what I had been working on recently, and as I was telling him about this new book, he continued to ask ever more questions about it, until I felt that I had no choice but to show him this first rough draft, the group of little booklets, bound, as they were, with elastic bands in a small bundle.

I handed them over to him and gave him instructions to read it in one go without stopping, then left him alone. When finished, he said immediately that it should be published on the internet as a flash book. Ah, so this is why I needed to show it to him. Over the coming weeks, he helped me research this and that is how The VISION Online Journey was born.

Refinement Continues
After some considerable re-writing and additions, I soon had 182 pages complete and the essence of the original spiritual insight was formed into 12 small booklets, but I knew that it still needed much fine-tuning.

As the following weeks unfolded, I would be given little insights here and there which lead to completing larger pieces of the puzzle. On the one hand I could feel the urgency of it and on the other it was almost like I was being held back. Some force was controlling every aspect of the production of this work and ensuring that there developed within it a rhythm of light and of life. I continued to immerse myself in every word on a daily basis, reading them over and over in a kind of deep meditation. I was aware that I was not the author. I was merely the instrument, doing the bidding of the source to record these words on paper.

January 2007
By January, the book had developed to the point where I was now working with Christian, my designer and typographer. Christian and I have worked closely together on many projects for over 20 years, the two of us originally working together as typographers and compositors. Chris was now working up the design and as the book formed, I began to have the inner knowing that it was somehow incomplete.

I felt that it needed thirteen chapters, but the thirteenth was not yet materialising. I also knew that we needed to make a complete book by hand. I couldn’t just produce the text and give it to a publisher. It needed to grow and be birthed into life as a physical entity. I knew that there was something that I needed to see or understand which was not available to me at this juncture.

This book was about evolution and it seemed that the project was also evolutionary in its nature, too. The book was being both written and produced in many different formats at the same time. It was changing and forming by the day, sometimes by the hour.

Christian was working with the design and typography and I was re-making up-to-the-minute mock-ups, evaluating the rhythm and flow within the pages and continuing to fine-tune every syllable. I think the book was living within us at the time, guiding us every step of the way, but ensuring that we did not go too quickly. If we were getting ahead of the universal plan, something would go dramatically wrong in order to slow us down.

Putting Text on the Page
As each of the individual mock-up booklets was updated I began to feel an energy emerging. It became clear that for the energy to flow properly we could only use the right hand page. If we used both left and right pages there was an inharmonious clash of energy. Each page had its own complete message and that message was not allowed to be influenced by any other page.

Christian had experimented with many typefaces and had reached a point where he was printing out examples of chapters and at this point, it also became clear that page numbers clashed with the message, distracted the eye and devalued the energy on each page. To produce any form of book without page numbers though, is extremely difficult from an assembly point of view, but a hand-made book of such a great number of pages posed huge problems at every level of production. At this point, Chris produced a first mock-up of typeset pages.

March 2007
We had originally hoped to produce a finished book by the end of March for a book fair that Christian was exhibiting at. However, he had been in New York for a time and clearly, this project now seemed to be running to its own time line, regardless of our efforts. Also, in March, that sacred site was calling me back again and so on the Spring Equinox I sojourned back to the ancient forest.

click to read the Equinox Sojourn

April 2007
The book still consisted of twelve chapters, which were by this time called Acts, but I had been convinced for quite some time that there should be Thirteen Acts. I kept seeing images of twelve plus one and images of the twelve disciples which were incomplete without the teacher. Thirteen felt right, but yet the story seemed complete with twelve Acts. I thought it no coincidence that I was given the insight 13 months after my first visit to the sacred site, too, and that arrived on the twenty sixth, which is twice thirteen. These thirteens were everywhere.

On Monday 16th April at ‘five to six’ (5, 2, 6) in the afternoon, (5 + 2 + 6 = 13) a stream of channelling came through in the space of about two minutes. It was delivered so word perfect, as channelling always is, that I only altered one line of it later. This was the Thirteenth Act, except that it wasn’t. It was actually Act 1, an introduction to the work.

As well as an introduction to the work in general, this was also a wake up call to humanity, warning that nobody ever listens, or rather, nobody ever hears. Nobody ever wants to hear the truth. This is what the Guides say about Act 1 as I am writing this..

“Great teachers are sent forth and people can’t be bothered to stop for a moment to hear the message and think what it might mean for them. They are too busy being humans to become Gods. Time is running out. We came, we tried to teach you. You did not listen…and now, there is no time.”

This final Act had clearly been held back until the source considered that we had perfected the rest of the book. I was now confident we had what was required.

And Then There Was Light
Once we had the Thirteenth Act, Christian had to re-paginate the whole book again and re-title each Act, as this Thirteenth Act was going at the front of the book and not at the back. Once this work was done, he would make a second mock-up.

I arranged to meet Chris at his studio on the morning of 25th April, so that I could view the new mock-up. I knew that something special was about to happen. There was a tension in the air. When I arrived, Christian handed me the book with a beaming smile on his face.

There was a great sense of energy and excitement in the room. I knew this book was so different today. I knew that the Light had been switched on within the pages. The book was electric. Everything was electric.

I walked over to the window and opened the book at random. The energy was incredible. The Light of God was oozing from the pages.

The power spilled out and flowed over me. My heart opened and was lit with joy.

This was the moment we had been working towards. The power was tangible and incredible.

From the moment of insight it had been a labour of trusting that this journey was all for a reason.

The Light was in each word, each phrase. I sensed that it spoke in the language of Light that only the heart can understand. I was aware of it speaking within me. I said to Christian. ‘You might find this book now begins to mess with your head.’ He replied. ‘It’s already started. For the last three days, as I’ve been working on the text on screen, my head has been filled with all manner of issues that seem to have been put there to resolve. They certainly were not of my own thoughts. Something within this book is doing this. Something is trying to guide me through my difficulties.’

This confirmed my own thoughts, that this is how the book will work to illuminate and help people.

Within moments of handling that final mock-up, I had felt the power in it and that was then confirmed by Chris’s experiences over the previous three days. The book lives! The Light had been turned on. It would take a little longer for me to truly understand at what level it worked and as I began to comprehend, I was truly astonished.

May 2007
Christian was originally going to produce the book by hand himself, using a thesis bind, but the project had become too big. We took the mock-up to Stephen, the bookbinder.

Back to the Drawing Board
Stephen sent us back to the drawing board, telling us that it was not really practical to do a thesis bind with the amount of pages the project had now evolved into. Therefore, Christian was faced with a major task of re-paginating to produce what is known as a sewn signature book where the pages are hand sewn into groups. This posed all manner of technical problems for a book with no page numbers which also had a central dot theme on each page, which is very difficult to line up in a sewn signature book, as each inner page in the sewn group creeps forward of the previous page.

While I was continuing to refine the text, we were both constantly addressing technical difficulties which were arising. Earlier in the project, because of the growing number of pages we had considered producing twelve individual books, boxed in a set. Then we considered two volumes containing six chapters apiece. One day, I counted all the pages of the first six chapters and the second six chapters. Bizarrely, there were 91 pages in each. A strange revelation. From those 182 pages in the early days, we now had 480 pages.

June 2007
Whilst the production book was progressing, the On-line Flash Book idea had also been formulating in the background. Clearly, it was going to need a lot of expertise and money to put together a Flash Movie of almost 500 pages to view on-line. On 18th June, I showed our mock-up to a good friend. He read it before going to bed that night and then again in the morning. That evening we went to dinner and he said, ‘I want to publish it.’

It would take some months for this to begin to take the right turns though. Many learning experiences for my friend had to be entered into. The Source was not allowing this to be a commercial project. It was a spiritual project and for certain, he was going to learn some powerful spiritual lessons as he took it forward. There would be stresses and strains, but the On-line VISION Journey began to move forward shortly after this intervention.

The Pre-Production Book
We were almost ready to produce two pre-production copies of VISION, fully bound and finished to the final specification that had been guided. As I was waking up one morning, I could see the front cover clearly in my mind’s eye. I could see the word VISION in gold and I was considering how we would produce this out of inks, when the voice of my late father came through with one of his old sayings… ‘Don‘t spoil the ship for a ha’porth o’ tar’ Which quite simply meant, give it the best. Use gold foil blocking for the lettering.
Timing seemed to be everything with this work. We were pushing it hard and it seemed to falter at every step. I could feel the hand of the universe working at every stage, slowing us down. Even to the point where on the day we were going to order the specially chosen paper, for the pre-production books, the manufacturer discontinued it. Well, you have to laugh.

Christian eventually produced two numbered pre-production copies, one for each of us to work with to ensure that everything was exactly right. That all the dots lined up. That all the requirements of the bookbinding were correct, such as the two colour hand applied, foil blocking to the red velveteen cover, the head and tail bands and the three coloured page marker ribbons, not to mention checking that all the unnumbered pages were in the right order. Would you believe it? When we received the books from the bookbinder, the pages of Act One in Book One were in the wrong order! How did this happen? We just don’t know.

The single book we now had to work with, No. 2, was very good. The project had needed to be brought to this point so that I could be absolutely certain that energetically it worked as desired by the Source. Although initially we had planned to make some hand-made books, this project had now become way too big to consider this in any practical measure. Clearly, the universe was pushing this forward and so a proper production book needed to be considered and we now had a sample that could be shown.

However, so much work had gone into producing this lovely item, that it seemed sinful not to produce any at all. Therefore it was decided that we would produce some hand-made books in editions of 13 copies. Some close friends of the author were aware of the project and this first edition was sold out before they were made.
Finally, Chris ordered the paper and the first edition run of thirteen copies went to press, in the last week of June. Due to a technical fault the whole print run had to go in the bin. Then the printer closed down for two weeks holiday.

August 2007
The re-print was done in the third week in August, the pages then hand cut and assembled by Christian for sewing and the first edition was delivered to the bookbinder in the last week of August, upon which we discovered that he was closing for two weeks holiday at the end of the week.

September 2007
We received the First Edition of thirteen copies of VISION from the bookbinders on 28th September 2007. They were checked over the weekend and dispatched on 1st October.

At the same time, we had that faulty pre-production copy disassembled, inserted a new first Act and made good, so as not to waste it.

It had been an exhausting process. What we thought would take us three months had taken nine months.

"We received the First Edition of thirteen copies of VISION on 28th September 2007

Truly, this work was gestated and born into the world of man through a tremendously difficult labour. Like some babies, they are on their way, but just don’t want to arrive. My mother told me I was like this… ten months before my light entered the world...

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