The story behind VISION is essentially two stories:

The first is the story of the Spiritual Insight which produced the book. The second is The Production of this remarkable book and how it works to change your life.

The Cromlech

Sunday 16th October 2005
Travelling with my friend M, we drove north east from Pembroke in west Wales into the Preseli Hills, famous as the site which supplied the Blue Stones of Stonehenge. We were visiting a sacred site, a cromlech in an ancient wooded landscape. A cromlech is a group of standing stones with a large capstone atop of them. M had visited this monument twice before, having been told about it some 5 years previously and he had been waiting to show it to me. This place would change our lives.

A few days earlier there had been torrential rain in the area, with roads closed by floods and as we parked in a small lay-by above the forest and began to take the descending walk through the woods into the valley of the Afon Taf (River Taf) below, there were plenty of signs that this ancient track-way had been a raging river recently.

From the road, the cromlech is about three quarters of a mile distant and downwards through the ancient woods. As we began our decent, the old track-way showed signs that at some time in the more recent past it has been partly metalled with a bed of slate and probably used for driving horse and cart to access the woods, as this was probably part of a large and busy estate. As we picked our way, sometimes carefully because of the mud and debris thrown down during the torrent, we began to enter into a deeper ancient past. The signs were often visible of old pathways and the occasional, lovely and perfect standing stone which has stood as a way marker for centuries. After a half-mile or so, we came to a fork in the path; M consulted the map, as it had been some time since his last visit. We took the left fork which began, for the first time, to begin a slight ascent.

The Spirit of the Forest
The morning had been very wet and overcast, but now the sky was brightening and the occasional burst of sunlight pierced the high canopy of the mixed deciduous woodland. We rounded a very slight left-hand bend on the uphill track and there straight ahead about a hundred paces distant stood a vision of megalithic perfection as the capstone of the cromlech came into view.

"The capstone seemed to be illuminated with an unearthly and brilliant light..." Even though the sun was on the far side of the cromlech, the capstone seemed to be illuminated with an unearthly and brilliant light on its north side: an impossibility. At the moment my eyes alighted on the capstone a sequence of events unfolded in an instant.

Momentarily, I touched into the past, as if entering a time slip, sensing the completion of a long journey by some pilgrim or traveller, at last setting eyes on his destination after wandering with purpose some great distance. M was a pace ahead of me and looking downwards at the path as I glimpsed the capstone. Suddenly, he stopped and turned towards me in some distress. “What’s happening?” He asked, with alarm in his voice. “I feel strange.”

Within those same seconds I had sensed a force field across the path, a wall of energy. Automatically, I averted my gaze from the capstone, urging M to stop immediately. Now was not the time to see it or connect at any level with the cromlech or sacred space. I knew it in my heart. A powerful force was at work here and was indicating that we should not proceed further, by throwing an energetic wall across our path. M, being ahead of me, had walked right into the wall of energy and it had created turmoil in his energy system.

I was looking at the floor, my energy system closed down tightly, but all my senses on full alert to read the meaning of this event. With a hand on M’s arm, I took a couple of steps backwards away from the force field, urging him to follow. M continued to remonstrate about how disorientated he felt. “We have to stop,” I said, with some urgency in my voice. At the same time signalling to him to look upwards into the tree canopy, saying, “Look at this.”

A sudden intense noise from the tree canopy had alerted me to what I thought was a rainsquall. However it was not rain, but indeed the canopy was raining down upon us a great leaf fall, but not just leaves, there seemed to be small twigs, ash keys, dust and debris, too. I was trying to understand and evaluate so much in those micro-seconds that I couldn’t really speak or explain anything to M, but I knew that something most important and magical was unfolding for certain.

The force field across the path and leaf fall happened almost simultaneously. It was a huge signal to stop, not leaving any room for misinterpretation or denial unless you were completely unversed in the ways God speaks. We were both astonished by the noise and activity in the canopy. I pointed out to M that there was no wind, the trees were not moving. No rain, and in fact this phenomenon was only happening for a few feet in front and behind us in a lateral band across the path, as if we were in some kind of zoned-off space. It was incredible, lasting a minute or so.

“This is a sign from the nature spirits telling us to stop.” I said. I realised later that it was more than this. It was actually the Spirit of the Forest, an amalgamation of many spiritual energies which had been mobilised to communicate with us in this way.

We stood mesmerised, looking upwards, as we stood within the leaf fall. The trees were motionless, but what seemed like bucketfuls of debris were raining down in this small area where we stood. Finally it slowed and stopped and we stood agape at the experience.

"The trees were motionless..."

M, usually very cautious about acknowledging such events, and often quick to joke and dismiss them, was uncharacteristically silent, appearing to stand in a certain kind of awe and knowing that this was not a time to make light of what was unfolding.

As my balance began to return and my understanding unfold, I coaxed M another couple of paces backwards down the track. “We need to stand out of this energy for maybe five or ten minutes and approach a reverential space within ourselves,” I said. M was now visibly disturbed from the feelings he was experiencing. My heart centre was completely knocked off balance too, but I knew that this was okay. This was preparation.

We were being prepared for something, or something was being prepared for us, and I knew that we would be given instructions within the next few moments. Until then, we should just stay where we were and not move in any direction. We had retreated down the path out of sight of the cromlech, and I never looked upon it again until I was told that we could proceed.

Inner Silence
After the leaves had stopped falling, we had looked at the canopy for a while and discussed the phenomenon. This was a truly powerful example of nature spirit consciousness communicating with man. I explained to M that whatever we were about to enter into here had been prepared and laid on for us. They knew we were coming. There is only one way that a forest knows you are coming and that is if God speaks before you arrive. A couple of minutes went past and I received a message which said, “Listen to the Inner Silence”. I took a few seconds to go into the energy of the message to feel the essence of its meaning and then said to M, “We have to go into the ‘Inner Silence’”.

At once, as soon as the message had been acknowledged within, even though we were both silent and contemplative of the leaf fall phenomenon, there seemed to be a great amount of noise. It was all pervading.

As I focussed upon it more, it was perhaps like a background of white noise which carried all the sounds of our lives that morning. A reflection of our conversations as we had walked down the track, the birds, the cracking twigs beneath our feet, etc. Most of all I think the noise was just the noise of life everywhere, the noise of my own electro-magnetic field within and around my aura. The thump of life within me; the breath as noisy as thunder. Also, it was as if I could hear the life vibrating within every leaf, twig and blade of grass. In that moment of understanding the nature of the extraneous noise we are a part of, I entered the Inner Silence. A place so calm and tranquil, protected and peaceful, subtle and complete. A place beyond the noise of the creation of life which was busily unfolding around us. Even though these woods are a place of silence, it was as if I had been sensitised to hear great noise beyond the silence. M continued to stand in silence, and I sensed that he was beginning to regain some balance. It was not a time to speak.

After I had gained a foothold into the Inner Silence, I explained to M that the essence of the meaning of this morning’s event was that we should be aware of how much extraneous noise there is in life. We should attempt to learn how to go beyond this to find the silence within. Clearly, we were both being worked upon and sensitised in some way, as I intuitively noted that M was beginning to understand the nature of what I was trying to communicate to him.

We stood in silence looking at each other, sensing acutely within the awe of the moment and amazed at the powers which had been shown to us.

"We were standing and waiting to enter that reverential place within..." We were standing and waiting to enter that reverential place within and we knew that we could not progress further until we had achieved whatever it was that the Spirit of the Forest required of us. In fact, we could not proceed until instructed to do so.

A Noisy Visitation
We continued to stand just out of sight of the cromlech. We successfully entered into that tranquil space of Inner Silence that had been whispered by the Spirit of the Forest. It slowed us down. It slowed everything down within us; and then clarity came.

Here we were, in deep and ancient woodland in a remote part of Wales; well off the beaten track as it were, when suddenly a great noise and commotion erupted behind us on the track. Two men and a woman, plus a noisy dog and boisterous child were coming up the path towards the cromlech and us. I felt M’s heart sink at the thought of our quest being disturbed in such a rude way. I assured him that everything would be fine and that there was a reason for this intrusion. The spirit and energy of the forest was now with us strongly and providing guidance when necessary. Our guidance at this point was to just stand here and find that Inner Silence. I was convinced that these people were part of the plot.

We must have appeared strange to the approaching group, standing, as we were, in silence on the pathway, still somewhat overcome by the energetic experience which had just unfolded within and around us. We stood aside for them and bid them the time of day as they passed. They approached the cromlech, throwing sticks for the barking dog, the child running wildly and shouting and the people in general making a huge noise as they busied themselves around the old stones which stood within the sacred grove, just beyond our vision. It seemed bizarre that such a great noise could come from such a small group. I explained to M that this was again a message about us standing by and finding the Inner Silence. Not allowing anything to disturb us, but to remain in that deeper space. This outer intrusion had been sent to ensure that we found the right place of consciousness within ourselves.

Eventually, a kind of pressure was lifted. This was the signal that we could move a little closer to the sacred space. The people were still there, making their noisy and exuberant song. As we began to walk up the path we passed through the place where the energetic wall of energy had been placed across our path. It was still there, just as strong as before, but not so intimidating, now that we had attuned. I entreated M to walk slowly, feeling every step of the way whilst maintaining the connection with that Inner Silence.

We approached to within twelve yards or so of the cromlech, where a pathway branched off to the left, and I suggested we veer onto this path and stand here whilst these people continued to act out whatever it was they were here to show us.

I reassured M that things were unfolding now and I felt that we would be able to enter the sacred space soon. As I glanced at my watch, what had seemed like about ten minutes since the leaf fall, was actually twenty-five minutes. The people continued their stick throwing and general raucousness and we spoke quietly and tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, so as not to disturb their space and awaiting our permission to enter.

The Realisation
As we continued our wait, I hit a point within where I suddenly received the realisation of what was being given. It was not that we were being prepared to attain a certain inner reverence for the site itself, although this was important, but we were being offered a Vibrational Essence. However, before it could be given, we had to experience its effects. Also, the essence could not co-create through our consciousness if we could not attain the necessary awakened state within.

The moment I had eventually hit that perfect place within, was the moment I was finally handed the realisation. My consciousness opened and I saw the message. It had taken about half an hour since the beginning of this strange event. Almost at the same moment of my understanding, I was told. “Observe the people.” Urgently, I repeated this to M. “Observe the people.” Within a couple of seconds, each one of them fell silent, even the dog, they walked slowly to the far side of the sacred site, gathered into a group and stood in silence for a moment, never looking back, and then walked away into the forest in total silence. It was amazing to see and be a part of. We never heard them again.

Entering the Sacred Grove
As I recorded some words on tape, M was already discovering another powerful wall of energy at the final gateway into the sacred grove. I stopped him again to get out the dowsing rods, as I felt it was important for him to sense the energy through these. It was also important to spend a moment in this act for the energies were strong and being shown to us again for a reason. Probably for all manner of reasons, some you don’t understand until later. I knew that this was important today for M, as he doesn’t often have the opportunity to work with those who can show him and attune him to the subtle side of reality. As we attuned, he could clearly feel the temperature difference with his hands either side of the energetic barrier.

As we entered the grove, the sun was again blessing us as it came through the canopy a second time. It danced on the early fall of bronze beech leaves. You must have noticed the beauty and power of beech leaves: They keep their colour almost right through the winter on the floors of the beech woodlands, holding over that last gasp of bright energy through the dark months.

The people who built these places knew how to make a statement. God could not have placed this cromlech better. It rises to lift the spirits like a bright and cheerful song at a moment of sadness or uncertainty. Its tune can be heard through the forest. Its light can be seen for miles.

"Receiving the Energy Signature for theessence of Inner Silence..."

Receiving the Energy Signature for the
essence of Inner Silence, in a glass vial
of spring water placed on the capstone
of the cromlech. 2.26pm, 16th October 2005

Oh yes, as the picture unfolded over the next hour or so, much was revealed and the light had an intensity to it which defies explanation. How did these people know how to awaken the Earth Mother so?

At an appropriate moment, we placed a glass vial upon the capstone and received the energy signature that would create our essence of Inner Silence.

Thanks were given and this was a good day’s work completed.

I have known many sacred sites and had many experiences of the power and communication available to us at these places, but none, ever, like this amazing day. Something truly remarkable had unfolded here. A true teaching. A gift. A blessing.

At this point, I had no idea what would come later, but, indeed, I would be called here again in thirteen months and gifts would be given. This time, not only to me, but also for the whole of humanity.

November 25th, 2006
As we approached the winter months of the following year, thirteen months on, to be precise, that site was calling me. It was insistent. In the intervening period, the essence of Inner Silence had been completed and been successful. But now, I was being called again. I made arrangements to visit M and on a cold but clear and bright morning we sojourned to the ancient forest once more.

This time the visit was uneventful, but pleasant nevertheless. Sometimes you enter the space and it opens to you immediately. Sometimes one must tune in for a while and at other times, you merely visit as a tourist as there is nothing the Earth Mother or Nature Spirit Kingdoms wish to impart.

Today was such a day, it would appear. We explored other parts of the forest, took photographs and examined other standing stones.

Someone had left the most beautiful apple as an offering and it felt good to know that others cared, too.

"Someone had left the most beautiful apple..."

An hour or so later, as we prepared to leave, I suddenly turned towards the cromlech in alarm, blurting out to M. “Just a moment, I have forgotten something.” There was a momentary panic within me as if I had left something valuable, such as a bag or my camera on the ground by the entrance to the cromlech. However, I immediately realised that I hadn’t put anything down anywhere. At the same moment, I also realised that the impulse to nip back to the cromlech had come from somewhere other than my faulty memory. It was bizarre how my emotions had so suddenly and powerfully been injected with mild alarm and relief at the same time, by some other force than my own being. This old place was playing with us again, it would seem.

I considered that perhaps I had not given thanks or left a blessing, even though it seemed that we had only been visiting as tourists today and not as spiritual seekers. We had not spent any real time sitting quietly or tuning in, or indeed receiving any gifts from the Spirit of Place. In fact, after our previous fantastical experience here, nothing mysterious at all seemed to be in the air today, other than this sudden urge to find what I had not forgotten. You ignore the communication of God through the spirit of nature to your cost, and so I stepped back in and drew myself into a deeper place, walked around the cromlech and gave thanks. When I felt this act was complete we left.

The Following Morning
The following morning, Sunday 26th November 2006 around 7.00am, I awoke with a brilliant spiritual insight. It came with such amazing clarity, as these things do, that I knew that I must arise and write it down immediately. So, this was what I had been given the day before and this was what I was being asked to give thanks for, even though at the time, I was unaware.

The insight was into the nature of the journey of the evolution of human consciousness. In the insight, I was shown where God had placed the image or description, or even vision, of this journey. It was positioned in this world of humanity in such a place and in such a way that it should be impossible to miss it. Yet, it would appear that nobody could see it. Within an hour I had scribbled some notes, drawn some sketches and typed the essence of the insight for a book. As I finished, M came down, we ate breakfast and I shared it with him.

During the following weeks, the book would have many titles, until my partner, in her succinct style, blew them all out of the water one morning and said that it should be called VISION. Strangely enough, when I looked back through the working notes, the very first words I had committed to paper were ‘Vision for this book’.

VISION is many things, but essentially, it tells the story of the pathway into the evolution of human consciousness, for those who desire to walk it.

Scorpio 851
26th November 2007

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